Consistent quality

“Granum” flour quality indicators
are higher than the ones
established by GOST,
since it is being produced
from selected grain
at modern equipment
in full compliance with
production conditions. On
a daily basis our specialists
are testing raw materials
and flour quality in two
laboratories. Entire
production process
conforms to the
food safety system
management standards
ISO 22000


“Granum” is flour enriched with
vitamins and minerals
necessary for organism
every day. We add Elcovit
premix which contains iron,
zinc, folic acid, B1, B2,
PP vitamins into each
flour sample.
Iron (Fe), for instance,
contained in “Granum”
flour enhances
cells oxygen
supply, ensuring
and metabolism


“Granum” flour line will take
the fancy of the most fastidious
culinary specialist. Special flour
contents is selected for various
kinds of baking and dishes, whether
it be torrefied snow-white angel
cakes and goodness, bread, favorite
meat pockets and dumplings or lacy pancakes.
For instance, flour for hot dishes contains
poritel ferment which provides high
elasticity of the paste and facilitates molding.


We introduced “Extra”
“Granum” flour sort for baking
lovers and snow-white and
torrefied flour devotees.
Flour of “Extra” sort has
thinnest grinding and is get
through additional cleanup
step acquiring pure white color.
It is the best choice for
buscuitine and fancy baking!


“Novo-Aljan milling plant” is a company with 25 years history.

Milling plant was one the first to be involved in flour fortification project elaborated by Republic of Kazakhstan Government and Asian Development bank. Project mission and our activity as well is increasing population food quality.

“Granum” flour is manufactured at Ocrim and Buhler Italian and Switzerland mill complexes.

The company is constantly renovating equipment and improving production quality control, at the same time adhering to the position of social responsibility and maintaining steady cost of the products. In future the company is planning to enlarge the products line with other socially important groceries categories.

For production of ”Granum” noodle products the company uses flour produced from wheat hard sorts which meets noodles production standards and consumer requirements. “Granum” noodles preserve appearance, shape and taste while coking.


Baking always comes along with great inspiration. Here one can show his cooking talent, imagination and invention. Nothing else than smell of home-baked products can lift up the spirits, warm up in cold, gather a family at the table and create a small fest. Baking cake or making meat pockets from “Granum” flour is a pleasant occupation for the whole family! We have selected simple recipes which will be liked by your relatives.


“Novo-Aljan milling plant” delivers flour to all regions of Kazakhstan and near abroad countries directly and via distributors as well. We are always open for cooperation. Kazakhstan flour is known to be the best in the world. Flour enrichment with vitamins and minerals attaches it additional values which nevertheless does not affect the price for the consumer.

We guarantee labeled quality of “Granum” flour and noodles for retail and wholesale consumers as well.